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Bild 1 - ADOX Supersafe Darkroom Light
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ADOX Supersafe Darkroom Light

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The safest darkroom lamp in the world.
Suitable for direct lighting and much brighter than conventional lamps.

The new ADOX Supersafe is manufactured according to our specifications in Germany and has an optimized red spectrum.
It can be put into any holder (E14) and is therefore also suitable as a "replacement bulb" for a conventional AP or Paterson darkroom lamp.
The red protective cap can then be omitted.
Normal darkroom bulbs mask photo paper at a distance of 1.5 meters and directly illuminate it after about 3 minutes.
With the new ADOX Supersafe, we couldn't measure a veil after 20 minutes under direct lighting (significantly brighter than light bulbs or conventional lamps) (Ilford and ADOX MCC).
Foma is slightly worse but still excellent compared to light bulbs or AP/Paterson darkroom lamps.

Thread: E14

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