Bild 1 - DELTA 1 Camel Hair Brush

DELTA 1 Camel Hair Brush

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Large, luxurious anti-static brush from "Camel Hair". The hairs have a natural anti-static effect. When used to remove dust from negatives, lenses, camera mirrors or negative carriers, it prevents the dust in the air from immediately clinging to the film or glass right after it has been cleaned. A true magic weapon. 1" wide (ca. 2,5 cm). The brush is washable and lasts practically forever.

To clear up any confusion, we'd like to clarify that the brushes are not made from hairs from actual camels... Camel Hair is a product name for an anti-static brush, which was developed by a Mr. Camel for use in finger-printing. Hairs from a camel would be unsuitable for a soft brush such as this.

Regardless of where the hairs come from (goat, squirrel, bear or sheep), the "camel hair" brushes set themselves apart in price. This is one of the most expensive, but also one of the best.