FUJI Instax Wide 300 Camera

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Filmtype: Instant Image Instax Wide
Lens: Glas Lens
color: silver
A first revision of the Fuji Instax since 14 Years. Simple and Beautifull this camera is easy to handle. Although today many people use digital cameras and smart phones, the Instax cameras are very popular with countless customers because of their unique recordings in analog style.
FUJIFILM has sold more than 2.3 million Instax cameras last year alone - and the demand continues to grow worldwide.
The footage of the new instax WIDE 300 is twice as wide as that of the Instax Mini and is especially suitable for group shots, for example, parties and events, but also for landscape shots or for business and archival purposes.
The new camera offers the highest quality recordings, ease of use and the design of a professional camera with a new grip for optimum handling and a real optical viewfinder for better vision. The adjusting ring on the lens has two focus areas, this is a practical tripod connection.
In addition to features such as the built-in automatic electronic flash, which automatically adjusts the light intensity to the distance from the subject, there is also a fill-in flash for shots against the light, and a controller for lightening / darkening for creative high-key and low-key effects, including a conversion lens for close-ups only 40 to 50 cm away from the subject.
FUJIFILM has been known to repeatedly offer new products and services based on innovative technological developments and thus to meet diverse optimal needs of the users. A central claim of FUJIFILM is to provide more pleasure in photography. Everyone should be able to experience how great such an recording, archiving, showing is of a given image. FUJIFILM sees itself as a part of a "photographic Renaissance" with the message "for a richer life with Photography".
Technical specifications
Fujifilm instant color film "instax WIDE" (sold separately)
Film format 86 mm 108 mm
Screen format 62 mm 99 mm
Lens extension / retract lens, 2 components 2 elements, f = 95 mm, 1:14
Real image optical viewfinder, 0.37 , with target point
Focus switching with engine between two regions (0,9 m - 3 m /
3 m - ) (Normal mode: 0.9 m - 3 m, Landscape Mode: 3 m - )
Programmatic triggering electronic tripping,
Shutter speed: 1/64 to 1/200 s
Exposure Control Automatic, setting (ISO 800): 10.5 LV - LV 15
Exposure compensation (control for lightening / darkening): 2/3 EV
Built-in automatic flash Electronic flash, charging time 0.2 - 6 s
(With new battery), flash charge indicator (LED lights up red), fill,
Effective flash range: 0.9 m - 3 m
LCD exposure counter (number of unexposed frames), controlling for
Lightening / darkening, Fill
Power Supply Four AA-size alkaline batteries 1.5 V (LR6)
Capacity: 100 images (under FUJIFILM test conditions)
Others confirmation window for pickled film package, conversion lens for close-up and stand adapter
Dimensions & Weight B: 167.8 mm D: 94.7 mm x H: 120.9 mm / 612 g (without batteries, strap, film and conversion lens)

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