HELIOPAN Filter Neutral Density 1,8 - Diameter: 52mm

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Diameter: M 52 (52x0,75)
Filter Type: Neutral Density 1,8
Coating: Multi Coated
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Gray filters are preferably used when the reduction of the light through your lens is the task at hand, thus leading the image to have less focus depth. When to much sun the filter makes it possible to open the aperture.

You might be in a situation as an analog photographer that at a certain moment the wrong film for the right light is held by your camera. Grey filters change the amount of light reaching the film thus making it less sensitive.

With digital cameras the process is similar but just a little more technical. The gray filter reduces the possibilities of over exposure in certain moments. Colors stay the way they are meant to be.

Another feature is that the sensors of a digital camera is usually smaller that that of a 35 mm camera which results in a larger opening of the aperture leading to a bigger focus depth. Especially during portrait photography this can be bothersome when backdrops need to be separated by the amount of light at hand.
As always the filters are made with high quality “Schott-Glass” and are good to use in color photography just as well.

Heliopan offers three densities which can be produced for you upon request. Usually it takes up to two weeks for the filters to arrive. Please be advised that we can not take back custom filters.