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Bild 1 - HELIOPAN Filter Red-Light (25) - Diameter: 43mm

HELIOPAN Filter Red-Light (25) - Diameter: 43mm

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Diameter: M 43 (43x0,75)
Filter Type: Red-Light (25)
Coating: Multi Coated
Download: PDF-DatenblattPDF-Datenblatt
Download: PDF-DatasheetPDF-Datasheet

Heliopan filters are known for their outstanding quality. High-quality glass, scratch-resistant coating, brass mount.
The double-coated SHPMC Series prevents almost the entire reflection and due to itīs enhanced scratch-resistancy will hold up even after repeated cleaning.

The brass mount is - almost always - the Slimline variety, so that there is no edge vignetting even with Wide-angle lenses. Brass is a soft metal and is "self-lubricating" - so the filter mount won't get stuck in place like with cheaper aluminum mounts.

All Heliopan filters marked "Special Order Item" will be manufactured for you upon purchase. Usually it takes about two weeks until we can ship the filter, somtimes it takes just one week. Please note that these filters cannot be returned as we cannot disassemble them again after they have been made for you.
Even Heliopan only keeps stock of about 20% of their ultra wide range of filters. The rest is produced here in Germany (Munich) upon request.