Bild 1 - HELIOPAN UV-Haze - Diameter: 39mm (SHPMC Specially Coated)
Bild 2 - HELIOPAN UV-Haze - Diameter: 39mm (SHPMC Specially Coated)
Bild 1
Bild 2

HELIOPAN UV-Haze - Diameter: 39mm (SHPMC Specially Coated)

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Diameter: M 39 (39x0,5)
Filter Type: UV-Haze
Coating: SHPMC Specially Coated
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Overall the UV-Filter is an outstanding filter universal in use. Not only does the filter help to improve image quality but also is a relatively low cost device when it comes to protecting your high cost camera lens from dust, scratches and other mechanical trauma.

Also, by simply adding more thought before hitting the shutter release to what the outcome of the image should be, is evident to most of us who use digital cameras or use negative film for creating images.

There are filters for camera lenses and there are filter programs built in the software for your image editing. Surprisingly both have nothing in common when it comes to influencing the outcome of your image.

If there are unwanted errors on your negative or the print such as light fractions for instance, is the correction of such errors only possible with the loss of quality.

Besides for the unnecessary costs, Pictures in bad quality lead to frustration and deprives photographers of all the fun that true photography has to offer. This would be pitiful since Images do enrich our lives today and for future generations to come.

The range of the Heliopan Filter Program enables amateurs and professional photographers alike to get as close to the image in mind as possible. Quality „made in Germany“

HELIOPAN UV FILTER (Haze or band elimination filter)

This filter is your companion during all your out door activities. Be it the trip to the mountains, the shore or anywhere outside with plenty of sunlight. The UV-Filter from HELIOPAN absorbs short wave spreading light which tends to make images out of focus or creates a blueish tint in the image. Using the filter makes sure that the image becomes more differentiated even in the haziest conditions.

Yes, get exited over your next monumental images when spending time in the great out doors.

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