Bild 1 - KINETRONICS Anti-static Gloves ASG - Medium

KINETRONICS Anti-static Gloves ASG - Medium

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From a mixture of soft microfiber with leading-capable fibers to existing gloves, static electricity charges derive on the one hand and prevent, on the other hand, dust-engaging electrostatic loading while working with sensitive parts. In addition, you clean materials of dirt and dust and protect against scratches and fingerprints. The specific opposition of the anti-statics gloves amounts to seven Megohm what shows an excellent conductivity and a sufficient security span to avoid unintentional unloading. The special construction prevents a light curve education on grounds of too high conductivity. The gloves free of fluff are suited for the use by films, optics, semiconductors, leading records, plastic objects, photos, but also objects of glass or plastic. Dirty gloves can be washed in mild soap solution and be dried in the tumble drier.