Bild 1 - KINETRONICS Anti-static Tiger Cloth ASC 250x450mm

KINETRONICS Anti-static Tiger Cloth ASC 250x450mm

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Kinetronics tiger Cloth
This antistatic cleansing cloth exists of a hochleitfähigen mixed fabric from two different fibers. The soft microfiber base fabric disposes of hundred thousands tiny pockets which take up dust particle and dirty particle. Eingewebte special leading-capable fibers provide for a high surface management and guarantee with it an efficient derivation for static electricity charges. In contrast to the antistatic treatment of cloths with leading liquids or Imprägnierungen the anti-statics effect is preserved with the Kinetronics cloths always to the full extent. Here nothing can dry up or evaporate. The cloth usable over and over again is washable, soft and free of fluff. It is ideal to the cleaning of film strip, electronic leading records, CDs, computer screens, scanner discs, objectives, binoculars, touchscreens, cameras or picture frames. It prevents the education of dust-engaging loadings on all for it to susceptible non-leading surfaces, as for example plastic or glass.