Bild 1 - KINETRONICS Antistatic Brush SW 020

KINETRONICS Antistatic Brush SW 020

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Kinetronics anti-statics brushes Static-Wisk
Kinetronics Static-Wisk-cleansing brushes are suited above all for the cleaning of sensitive surfaces by concurrent derivation of available static load. The smaller brushes are ideal for the dust distance of films or objectives without danger for the reimbursement. Bigger surfaces as for example framing glasses, scanner glasses, monitors, acrylic surfaces or plastic surfaces are released with the bigger brushes from dust and fluffs. The brush exists of a mixture of highly adaptable natural fibres and leading synthetic fibers, as well as a handle of leading plastic. After the cleaning the treated surfaces are electrically neutral, draw no new dust particle. For extremely difficult cases there are some brushes also with the ground cable which provides for an especially effective unloading. Dirty brushes let wash out, without the antistatic effect is influenced. The brushes can be used at temperatures up to 65 .