LOMO Diana F+ Camera Package

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Filmtype: Medium Format 6x6
Lens: Glas Lens
color: black
This DIANA is a beauty leaned towards the 1960ies. She is a cult object ever since because there is no big difference between this one an the one that roamed the planet nearly 50 years ago.

The plastic beauty from the 60ies advances very much so because of her slight distorting qualities in low-fi photography which pretty fast can advance to fine art. (we suggest at this part of the text to maybe go beyond the CD option and loading your images on your desktop. Printed images make all the difference).
This new DIANA is an homage to its original comes with FLASH. “Load and play I say!”


The Lens makes lucid low-fi images on any 120 film
Makes wonderful vignettes in the corners
Choose between shutter speed “N” for normal conditions (daylight/flash) or
“B” for long exposure (indoor/night)
Two image sizes - 12 square shots in full size (5.2 x 5.2cm) or 16 smaller square images (4.2 x 4.2cm).
Easy multiple exposures - with the Diana F + you can of course do multiple exposures.
Perfect Pinhole Function - Take the lens off and experiment with pinhole photos which is a completely new experience!
Shutter lock and tripod thread - Shutter lock actuator which, places your camera on a tripod and you're ready for a great long exposures!