POLAROID ORIGINALS Image / Spectra Camera - One Switch

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Filmtype: Polaroid
Lens: Glas Lens
color: grey
The Polaroid Image/Spectra One Switch camera is an especially unique instant camera that is ideal for both experienced and novice instant photographers – especially those looking for a format that’s easy to experiment with.

Released in 1986, the Image/Spectra uses a ''cinematic’ rectangular film that’s wider than standard 600 (9.2 x 7.3 cm versus 7.9 x 7.9 cm). The Image/Spectra Full Switch comes with built-in electronic automatic focus and flash as standard, and digital readings through the viewfinder to help you compose the perfect photo. The rear control panel allows exposure control and compensation;
Comes fitted with a new Impossible frog tongue to protect your photos as they exit the camera. Refurbished by Impossible Projectin Enschede, the Netherlands, or Brooklyn, USA.
Comes with a one year warranty.

Product specifications:
- Lens: 125mm.
Lens: Three-element ''Quintic'' plastic. Some models (e.g. ''Image/Spectra SE'' and ''Image/Spectra Pro'' cameras) may feature ''glass coated lens''.
- Focus: electronic automatic through Sonar focus system.
- Focus range: 2ft – infinity.
- Flash: Built-in automatic electronic flash (powered by batteries in film; film sold separately).
- Flash range: 2ft – 15ft.
- Maximum aperture: f/10.
- Minimum aperture: f/45.
- Shutter: Electronic.
- Shutter speed: 1/245th – 2.8 second.
- Camera powered by electronic batteries included in film.
- Appearance: Item delivered may differ slightly from exact model shown. Originally sold as ''Spectra’ in US markets, ''Image'' for the rest of world. Both models share exactly the same components and functionality.
- Condition: Camera may show some small signs of wear. This product has naturally had previous owners.
- Warranty: one year.

Works with:
Film for Polaroid Image/Spectra Cameras