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Bild 1 - ADOX ADOFLO II 100 ml Concentrate

ADOX ADOFLO II 100 ml Concentrate

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Concentrate: 100 mls
For: B&W and Color
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Capacity: 60-100 Films
Highly concentrated wetting agent to encourage even water run-off on the surfaces of all photo materials. Minimizes water spots, reduces the drying time, and helps create a streak-free finish. The anti-static properties prevents dust from clinging to the materials as they dry. It also improves the results of high-gloss drying (replacement for Glanzol).

Dilution 1+400 for Photo paper and 1+700 for Film.

The bottle contents are sufficient for 166 liters of working solution. Diluted wetting agent should only be stored for a few days at most!

100 ml concentrate.