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ADOX Rodinal 500 ml Concentrate

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Concentrate: 500 mlīs
Type: Sharpness Increasing
Mixing: One-Shot Developer
Shipping Restrictions (Dangerous Goods): No restrictions within Germany / Some restrictions within the EU / Other countries are not possible to ship to
Capacity: 100 Films
Featured in book: Analoge Fotografie
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Agfa Rodinal has now been replaced by Adox Rodinal. The formulation and developing times are exactly the same - only the packaging has changed!

Acutance enhancing film developer

RODINAL is produced acording to Agfa Leverkusenīs latest Rodinal* formula from 2004.

It does not get more RODINAL than this.
ADOX works together with former Agfa scientists on all Agfa-replacement products.
If you have used Agfa* RODINAL before you can achieve identical results with RODINAL.

Compared to R09/APH09 Rodinal works more finegrained while still enhancing sharpness and acutance.


100 ml conc. (Baby Rodinal)
250 ml conc.
500 ml conc.

Dilution: 1+25 to 1+500

RODINAL is a one shot developer and can not be re-used.

Hint: Due to trademark conflicts Rodinal can currently not be sold to F R A N C E.
Please chssoe ADONAL instead. If you order Rodinal to France we will autmatically ship you ADONAL instead.

ADOX ADONAL 500 ml Concentrate (Rodinal)
Art.Nr. 37805
In stock. Within Germany 1-4 days.
11,89 EUR *
500ml (l = 23,78 EUR)
ADOX FX-39 500ml Concentrate
Art.Nr. 33830
In stock. Within Germany 1-4 days.
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500ml (l = 19,02 EUR)