FOTOKULTUR MEDIA Das Kollodium Handbuch der modernen Nassplatten-Fotografie, Peter Michels (german language)

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248 color pages with more than 400 pictures
Format: 17x22cm
Publisher: Photo Culture Media, Tuttlingen
ISBN 978-3-0004-9419-2
Language: German

The collodion wet plate technique is one of the supreme disciplines of alternatives Photography and experienced for some years a great revival worldwide. The 1851 developed technique helped make the photograph become a mass medium. At the end of the 19th century, the wet plate technique has been condemned as ghastly art and unreliable most of all chemical photographic processes. Photographers had to coat plates, expose and develope locally.

Today for photographers of the charm and challenge of the wet plate technique is to deal with its complex processes. This brings back large format cameras and mobile darkrooms. The objective is to emphasize the creative, craftsmanship and artistic interpretation of photography as a mindset.