FOTOSPEED LD 20 Lith Developer (Part A&B)

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Fotospeed LD20 is supplied as a two part concentrate which dilutes to make a single working solution.

It is ideal for both film and paper and is particularly efficient for infectious development of papers such as Foma Fomatone MG or PE MG. It is supplied with full instructions on lith printing.

Supplied as A+B concentrates (500ml of each), each part dilutes 1+3 with water before being mixed together to form the working solution. For infectious development of papers the working solution should be further diluted to achieve the desired effect of grittiness and tint. LD20 comes with full instructions for lith printing and includes suppressants for pepper fogging. For typical lith printing, where further dilution is required, this kit will make 10Ltrs of working solution.

It will keep for at least two years in unopened bottles. Once opened the contents should be used within two months.

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