Bild 1 - ILFORD Microphen To Make 1000 ml

ILFORD Microphen To Make 1000 ml

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Powder to make: 1000 mls
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ILFORD Microphen

Negative developer

Microphen is exactly the opposite of Perceptol. This developer can easily push films up to 3 stops (with a developer temp. of 30 degrees), but the contrast and grain are basically uncontrollable. The contrast increases almost linearly with the developing time, and even the lowest-contrast Fomapan negative has no chance of avoiding a sharp contrast curve. HP5 can be pushed up to 1600 ASA and the Adox CHS films can be pushed even up to 4 Stops. Even Tmax and Delta films can be pushed past their ratings and still show the middle gray-tones.

A film pushed 4 stops with this developer has a very unique look - almost like a lith print. Black tones blend together and the middle tones and highlights and compressed together. The ADOX CHS 100 looks even better, but with somewhat markedly accentuated grain.

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