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Bild 1 - MOERSCH Carbontoner KIT with Bleach 100/100 ml

MOERSCH Carbontoner KIT with Bleach 100/100 ml

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Concentrate: 100 mls
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For glowing red-brown image tones.

Toner on a sulphur-selenium basis, for maximum image stabilisation even with short toning times. Glowing brown to red-brown image tones in combination with Chloro-bromide and iodine-silver papers. Rich deep browns with pure silver-bromide papers. The toner increases the maximum black after only a short toning bath, similar to a pure selenium toner.

Easy to use direct-toner. No toning of the white image area, even with fiber papers. Because of this it can also be used as a test for latent paper fog. Just put a drop of carbon toner on the edge of the paper, and a fogged paper will show toning.

100ml Concentrate

Dilution 1+10 to 1+50

Capacity per bottle: >8 sq/m paper

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