Bild 1 - MOERSCH Citric Acid Stop Bath 500 ml Concentrate

MOERSCH Citric Acid Stop Bath 500 ml Concentrate

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Concentrate: 500 mls
Unlike the acetic acid stop baths, stop bath based on citric acid are odourless.

As with every other acid, however, it still produces emissions when it comes in to contact with a carbon-alkaline, sulfite-containing developer.

Almost all paper developers contain a large amount of sodium sulfite to prevent oxidation; if you want to completely prevent the emissions caused when this comes into contact with a stop bath, you can use a water bath in place of a stop bath. However, it should be noted that without the abrupt change in pH-value from the acidic stop bath, the developing process will continue, albeit much more slowly.

NEW! - Even better formulation!

The above-mentioned SO-2 emission is now unnoticeable, even for sensitive noses. Dilution to a 2% solution (1+28, or 36ml per liter water), but a dilution of 1+40 is fully sufficient to stop the developing process.

Time: 15-30 seconds

1000 ml