Bild 1 - MOERSCH VGT Developer Set

MOERSCH VGT Developer Set

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Concentrate: 1100 mls
For: Black and White
Tone: Variable
Download: VGTVGT

The developer set VGT is made up of two developer concentrates with which you can mix your own custom developer:

Choose your own image tone. Variable from soft to hard, either as one-bath or two-bath developer.

The developer solution can be mixed in whatever proportions you like.

A - The hard-contrast developer works very slowly, which is an advantage for two-bath developing, so that the shadows have enough time to differentiate and develop properly.

B - The soft-working developer with neutral to cool image tone and requires a shorter time in developer before the first traces of the image appear.

C - You should add as much activator as the sum of parts A and B. For example 100ml A + 100ml B + 200ml C. If you add more, the developer will work faster, with less contrast and cooler image tone.

Finisher Blue - if the combination of the A/B/C components should give a cooler image tone, you can add as much Finisher Blue as needed to reach the desired cold tone. 5-10ml is usually enough. If you use more, you should make the developer as a whole somewhat stronger, or else increase the pH-value with the alkali C component.

To one liter water, add ca. 40ml developer (A+B, A+D, A+B+D) and an equal amount of activator. Smaller amount are possible if you extend the developing times.