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ADOX Enlarger For 35mm And Medium Format

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With this compact enlarger the developing of prints for 35 mm and medium format negatives is easy to handle.

Even larger size prints are possible by projecting the light onto the floor or even against a wall. (Beginners: start with the easy stuff first '-)

The built is a traditional, double condenser for very sharp and brilliant imaging.

The enlarger has a negative stage with a pair of maskings for 35 mm and medium format (say Holga for instance, or Rollei...)

The film slide is glas less which eases it to produce a dust free negative.

The built in filter drawer accepts multigrade filters (buy the 9x9cm size and cut them down with a pair of scissors).

Theoretically one could even use color filters for color prints - however those filters are not available anymore and needed to be searched for on ebay or any other place.

This Enlarger is an ideal partner when it comes to introducing the nerdy world of B/W Darkroom-Bonanza; Once you get the hang you'll be orchestrating all kinds of chemicals to get the unique print only you know how to produce. The ADOX enlarger is robust and inexpensive.

The Enlarger comes without bulbs!

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