Bild 1 - ADOX LABTIME MINI Darkroom Timer


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The ADOX LABTIME MINI can count up as well as down.
You can measure the time which elapses until an event occurs (COUNT-UP) or let a prechosen time count down (TIMER) in order to stop a process when the countdown is over.
On the right hand side the three functions can be reached by moving the main switch to CLOCK, COUNT-UP or TIMER. All three processes can be run simultaniously. You can switch between them. If a process is active the a symbol will light up on the LCD screen.
In the TIMER mode you can save the time chosen with MEMORY in order to repeat the countdown over and over.
In order to repeat a countdown you need to push three buttons only: STOP (stops the old countdown), MEMORY (operates the flyback to the meorized time) and START in order to start the new countdown. The four rubber feet on the backside of the LABTIME MINI make sure you can operate this with one hand only.
When a countdown is finished an alarm will sound and an optical indicitaor will show (TIME S UP will be displayed). The LABTIME MINI will not stop at zero but rather start counting up in order to indicate the overshot amount of time in case you don t hear the alarm at first and come back to late to your project.
The alarm can be set dead on the backside of the LABTIME MINI if your processes are noise sensitive.
The COUNT-UP function can be startetd by pressing START/STOP in COUNT-UP mode. With a second push on the START/STOP button the time is taken. Reset the stopclock with CLEAR to 0:0:00.
The time is inidcated in AP/PM format.
When an alarm is ringing it can be stopped by pushing START/STOP.
Set time: Push START/STOP in clock mode for about 2 seconds and the time will start blinking.
Set the time with HR and MIN (check for AM or PM). Save the time by pushing START/STOP again.
If you do not set a time the clock will automatically start running again after a few seconds.