DEVILLE Lid for Lab Trays 50x60 cm with rocking-knobs

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Lid out of 2mm thick hard plastic to fit the Deville Darkroom Tray 50x60 cm.

At nighttime the Deville lid covers your tray securely and prevents your bews from oxidizing or flys from falling dead into your developer but the clou is that this new lid also works for you while you are in the lab. The knobs bite into the bottom knobs of the deville trays and convert your deville´s into rocking-trays. The simplest and cheapest photo-processing machine in the world!

Prevents the tray from drying out overnight or turning into a fly-cemetery. It won't prevent oxidation - for that you should spray a little Protectan on the surface. A good, robustly-mixed developer will hold up to a week in a tray, so if you're going through even a half-way respectable amount of paper, oxidation probably won't be a problem.

DEVILLE Darkroom Tray for Paper 50x60 cm
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