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FILMOMAT Filmprozessor Version 2020

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The Filmomat film processor.

New Version 2020!

With the new tank system, you can process 4 rolls of 135 or 120 per run. That’s the double capacity compared to the previous system. At the same time, the machine still only needs 500mL of chemistry. You can also process 135 and 120 together in one run!

The Filmomat is a fully automatic table-top film processor. It can process anything from 35mm up to 5x7", no matter if b/w negative or color slide. Just fill in the chemistry and press the button, the machine will do the rest. The whole process sequence including rinsing steps, bath changes and temperature control is carried out completely automatic.

The heart of the new system is a large, cylindrical processing tank. It is connected to the Filmomat in horizontal orientation by a strong quick connector. The connector holds the tank in place and also acts as an in- and outlet for the chemistry. Film is loaded on spirals of the professional Jobo 2500 system. These spirals are available for 135, 120 and 4x5” - enabling you to process all formats in just one tank and in any combination you like.

The cap of the tank contains a small motor, which rotates the spirals inside the tank. Three strong metal clamps are used to hold the cap in place and keep everything sealed. The processing tank itself remains steady all the time, only the spirals inside the tank are moving with 60rpm. Every 10sec, the direction of the rotation is inverted to ensure proper agitation. The motor produces almost no sound, so the Filmomat is extremely quiet during operation,

With the new system, the capacity of the Filmomat is doubled. You can process 4 rolls of 120 or 135 at a time. Combinations of both are also possible, for example 2x135 and 2x120 in one run!

Delivery contents:

- Filmomat film processor
processing tank and accessories
- 1m Waste water hose
- Power cord
- Instruction manual (English)

Please note: The processor is availabe as 220V and 110V version. Please let us know which version you prefer.