FOMA Multigrade Filters 15x15 cm Contrast Grade 0-5

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Foma Variable Contrast Filters

For changing the contrast of B/W papers.

These gelatin- filters are for use with variabl-contrast B/W papers, in order to adjust the contrast grade of the print. The Foma filter set consists of 6 filters, two each of:

0 Extra-Soft

2 Special

4 Hard

By combining the filters with each other, the following contrast grades can also be acheived:
1 Soft

3 Normal

5 Extra-Hard

The filters are used either in the drawer of the enlarger or held under the enlarging lens. They should be either above the condensor, or directly under the lens in order to retain maximum sharpness. Do not place them under the condensor!

The filters can be easily cut to other sizes with scissors or a paper cutter.