HEILAND ELECTRONIC LED Savelight , red and white

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This excellent safelight combines red LEDs for secure darkroom work for black and white papers with white LEDs for viewing the final
print, i.e. in the fixer tray.
The unique design with a total length of 1m enables homogeneous and powerful illumination of your darkroom.
By means of the integrated intensity adjustment you are able to adapt the intensity to the working distance.
Long term stability is secured of course.

An overview of the benefits:
- Homogeneous light output due to a tube shaped design.
- The safelight can be tilted, thus enabling wall and ceiling mounting.
- LEDs guarantee immediate switching on and off, and a long term stable light output.
- No need for lamp replacement.
- Secure and bright red light at 630nm wavelength.
- White light with approximately 5000k enables fast checking of already fixed prints.
- Adjustable intensity according to your application needs.
- A 12V DC power supply ensures electrical safe work even in wet rooms.
- Shapely design.