Bild 1 - HEILAND ELECTRONIC Splitgrade System for Durst 2501 and 2506 horizontal enlargers

HEILAND ELECTRONIC Splitgrade System for Durst 2501 and 2506 horizontal enlargers

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Heiland Splitgrade System in general:
This unique system facilitates and accelerates the making of high-quality black-and-white photographs on multigrade paper. First of all, by measuring areas of light and shadow of the projected negative, the user
determines contrast and brightness on the easel. For over 30 default paper calibrations, a first suggestion for the right exposure will immediately be calculated with 1/10 f-stop / gradation level accuracy.
Via the unique filter control with shutter function, these measurements will automatically be transformed into a split exposure.
Furthermore, there is no limit to any possible manual corrections and post-exposure.
Image results are developed much faster and creative working is encouraged, instead of limited.

Version for Durst 2501 and 2506 horizontal enlarger:
The scope of supply includes an electronic interface, which is connected by the user instead of the previous control panel.
This way, the light colors blue and green can be controlled directly bySplitgrade. Specific control functions such as enlarger back and forth are influenced via a switchbox. Autofocus is omitted.
(Note: The enlarger shown in the picture is not included in the scope of supply. )

Scope of supply:
Controller, metering cell, footswitch, cables

An overview of the benefits:
- Your image is typically created in under 2 minutes
- Convenient working due to automatic filter or color change
- Quick and easy determination of exposure time and gradation
- Precise exposure times due to an integrated shutter
- No preliminary work for calibration necessary
- Intuitive control due to illuminated buttons and plain-text display
- Manual overwrites allow creative working
- Exposure in 2 phases with soft and hard light allows dodging in either the hard or the soft gradation phase
- Free firmware updates for new paper programs and functions
- In the event of changing the enlarger later on, the Splitgrade basic unit can be further used