Bild 1 - ILFORD Multigrade Filter-Set GelatiNe 15x15cm

ILFORD Multigrade Filter-Set GelatiNe 15x15cm

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Multigrade Filter to adjust the contrast of Variable-Contrast papers. The filters cover grades 00 to 5 in half-steps. The filter 00 produces the lowest contrast, and the filter 5 produces the hardest contrast.

The Multigrade Filters are made of a thin filter sheet on a polyester base, and are delivered in complete sets. In principle, they can be used above or below the lens. The best option is to use the filter in a filter drawer above the negative. If necessary, these filters can be trimmed to fit in a smaller filter drawer. If you need filters for use under the lens (sometimes the case with older enlargers) then we suggest the Ilford Multigrade Filter Set with under-lens holder (12 Filters in plastic frames with a red filter and holder, which can be easily attached to almost every enlarger).

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