Bild 1 - JOBO 3010: Drum Expert 10

JOBO 3010: Drum Expert 10

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For: Sheetfilm
There is no better way to process sheet film or prints than with an Expert Drum.
This is a unique product in the world of sheet film processing, and is considered by many to be the industry standard for film processing.
It will hold up to 10 sheets of 4X5 at a time and uses very reasonable amounts of chemicals.
Results are always super even and very consistent.
Using expert drums means less chemicals - your process is more efficient and more environmentally friendly!

Film sizes: 9 x 12 to 13 x 18.

Creates a homogenous density over the entire film surface using minimal amounts of chemicals.

Art. 3006 up to 6 sheets 13 x 18 cm/5x7
Art. 3010 up to 10 sheets 4 x 5

To open the tanks Art. 3360 is necessary.