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Bild 1 - KAISER B/W Enlarger For 35mm

KAISER B/W Enlarger For 35mm

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For formats up to 24x36 mm and lenses with 50mm focal length. Projection onto the floor is possible. Distance between the column and optical plane is adjustable. Removeable negative carrier with masks for 24 x 36 mm or for framed slides of 5 x 5 cm. Smooth single condensor. Red filter is protected from dust inside the bellows. Filter drawer included. Height is adjustable with hand crank via a plastic-coated friction drive. The column is marked with cm and inch measurements.

The enlarger can be converted to 6x9 format and/or outfitted with a Color/Multigrade head. Delivery includes: Negative carrier, and enlarger lamp. Lens is not included.

Technical data:

Ground board (WxHxD): 400 x 25 x 420 mm

Column height: ca. 760 mm

Max. enlargement with ground board: 24 x 30 cm

Lamp: Opaque white bulb 75 W

Power cable length: ca. 2,50 M

(Replacement Lamp: 4356)