Bild 1 - NOVA 16x12 FB Print Processor

NOVA 16x12 FB Print Processor

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From the Manufacturer:

The NOVA FB Slot Processor is especially designed for the slot processing of Fibre Based black & white paper. Supplied with special frames which work, with the incline of the slots, to prevent the wet prints from sinking down, this is the perfect alternative to dishes where space is at a premium and control is paramount. As with other NOVA processors, floating lids are supllied to enable chemistry to be left in the processor, preventing oxidisation and allowing processing to commence immediately.

The NOVA FB Processor is also thermostatically controlled and may also be used to process colour paper as the unit is contolled from room temperature up to 45 degrees C.


- 4 inclined vertical slots designed specially for fibre based papers - B&W (or Lith) Developer, Stop, Fix, Rinse, Can use 2 bath developers, or Coldtone & Warmtone developer slots, or 2 bath fixing if required

- Thermostatically controlled water jacket - Room temperature to 45C Benefits

- VISIBLE DEVELOPMENT IN FIRST SLOT ! - transparentacrylic front panel to view progress

- Start processing immediately - Processoralways full of chemistry - remove tubular floating lids

- Can leave thermostat on for sustained period for intermittentuse, or just switch on, wait a short while for the temperature toreach the set level and start work

- Low processing costs

- Processor chemistry life 2-4 months with replenishment

- Replenishment rate 10ml of working solution per 10x8 print or equivalent - best practice to drain of 100mls after processing 1010x8's in a session and add 100mls of new working solution

- Eliminates Print Sag whilst Processing, using supporting textured surface print holder. Ensures prints do not come in contact with walls of processor whilst agitating

- Can develop test strips and small prints using the patented Nova Clip

- Resin Coated papers - process using Nova Clip