Bild 1 - NOVA Washmaster ECO 30x40 cm with separate wash cycles

NOVA Washmaster ECO 30x40 cm with separate wash cycles

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NOVA WASHMASTER ECO The luxury class under the Baryt Archive Perspex washers (sizes up to 50x60cm) from Nova are built in England in manual labor. They are very stable and look noble with clear side walls. The Washmaster II consists of 5 chambers. In contrast to the Paterson Washer, Nova runs bigger quantities of water in a shorter time thus rinsing substantially faster. The water consumption is optimized by the fact that every chamber consists of a single jet nozzle which spirals the water over the prints surface. The Washmaster II moves about 1.5 to 2 liters of water per minute. The single chambers are not connected - new pictures can be inserted constantly and are not subjected to contaminated water. The chambers additionally consist of a special surface which prevents wet prints not to stick to the sides.

The Water intake and -drain are regulated over tubes, this allows the washer to stand neutral and does not have to stand in the sink of your lab.

This Washer also functions with varying water pressure. There is a choice of three sizes, 30x40, 40x50, 50x60.