Bild 1 - RODENSTOCK Enlarging Lens Apo-Rodagon N 2,8/50mm
Bild 2 - RODENSTOCK Enlarging Lens Apo-Rodagon N 2,8/50mm
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RODENSTOCK Enlarging Lens Apo-Rodagon N 2,8/50mm

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Perfect images can only be made with perfect lenses. With the Rodenstock high-performance lens, you'll get the very best our of your valuable negatives. A Rodagon 6-lenser offers, in comparison to the Tessar-Type 4-lenser a higher level of brilliancy and better correction over the entire image surface (especially towards the edges).

The F-stops are backlit and you can set the working F-stop, so that when you open the lens wider for grain-focusing, the F-stop ring stays at the pre-selected F-Stop. All new Meopta enlargers have the necessary 39mm connection (for 59 or 105mm Rodagon lenses). For some older models, we have an adapter available.

A premium lens like the APO-Rodagon offers the highest brilliancy over the entire image area, high edge sharpness and apochromatic correction. That means that all color waves, including those in the red spectrum, hit the paper evenly at one level. Especially for color enlarging on red-sensitive paper, the sharpness will be further increased. For B/W paper (not sensitive to red light), the normal Rodagon lens is sufficient.