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Bild 1 - VIPONEL Labtime Electronic Enlarger Timer

VIPONEL Labtime Electronic Enlarger Timer

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Electronic Enlarger Timer

Digital Enlarger timer with three settings:

* 0,1 to 9,9 Sec.

*1 to 99 Sec.

*10 to 990 Sec.

The long exposure times make it a good choice for slow fiber based papers or large format prints.

The exposure time is shown on a digital display with adjustable brightness, and the exposure can be repeated with the touch of a button - no need to reprogram anything. The end of the time is also signalled with an audio tone, so that the timer can also be used as a process timer (for example for color developing).

If you need to turn the light on for a longer period, the timer has a separate "on" switch. The timer is also equiped with an on/off electrical socket which turns off whichever device you attach to it (darkroom light, color-head fan, etc.) when the enlarger is turned on. The prevents, for example, measurement errors in exposure measuring, or vibration from the fan.