Bild 1 - VITLAB Measuring Cylinder 50 ml

VITLAB Measuring Cylinder 50 ml

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For mixing chemicals

Unbreakable, chemical-resistant plastic. German quality workmanship. Even if you drop it on a tile floor, you'll just have spilled chemistry to clean up - but the measuring cylinder won't break.

Small measuring cylinders are useful for stop bath, liquid developer concentrates or Lith developer. At 500 ml you can dilute the concentrate directly in the measuring cylinder (for example for film developer). With the 1000 ml cylinders you can even mix enough developer for tray developing, but the Paterson Mixing Jugs are actually a bit better for this since they have a handle for better grip.

Measuring scale:

* 25 ml in 0,5 ml steps

* 50 ml in 1,0 ml steps

*100 ml in 2,0 ml steps

*500 ml in 10 ml steps

*1000 ml in 20 ml steps