Bild 1 - ADOX PAN-X Reverso Super 8 movie film 15 meters

ADOX PAN-X Reverso Super 8 movie film 15 meters

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Filmtype: Black&White
Film Format: Cinefilm Super8
Speed: ISO 100/21
Length: 15 meters
1.3.2017: We have manufactured our Super8 films together with GK-Film in Beelen over the past years. Two years ago we bought the entire machine park back but the machines remained in Beelen. They were due to be transported in the last fall but our new building was not ready.

Now the machines needed to be moved and we spooled as many films as we could before they were dismanteled.

However we expect an interruption in supply over this summer and advise everyone who is working with PAN-X-Reverso film to stock up a bit now.

Product description:
ADOX PAN-X Reverso Super8 is a true reversal B&W film which can be
run in any Super8 projector right after developing.
It is our alternative for those seeking a replacement for the
discontinued Kodak Plus-X.
We gave PAN-X Reverso everything a Super8 reversal film can possibly
A forgiving, silver rich emulsion which does not block off in the
highlights and features full shadow detail if exposed to 100 ASA.
A DMAX of above 3,0 (depending on the developer used).
An anti halation layer between the base and the emulsion yielding
crips images and finest details even at high magnification factors.
A clear triacetate base for brilliant projection.
PAN-X Reverso is perforated on an entirely refurbished step-
perforator which punches 4 holes, advances the film, positions the
last 4 holes with catching pins and then repunches again with an
accuracy of 2/100mm over the row of 8 holes.
This accuracy sets a new standard and your frames stay steady as a
Our film cassette is using a plane pressure plate for exact
positioning of the film.
15 meters of Super8 film for about 3 minutes and 20 seconds of fun.
Standard developing in Kodak D-94A process.
A reversal kit for home processing is in preparation.