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Bild 1 - BERGGER Printfilm 4x5

BERGGER Printfilm 4x5 "/ 25 sheets 10,2x12,7 CM (4x5 INCH) / 25 Sheets

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Size: 10,2x12,7 CM (4x5 INCH)
Sheets: 25
Filmtype: Black&White
Film Format: Sheetfilm
BERGGER PrintFilm is mainly dedicated to darkroom use, and especially the making of interpositives and internegatives.
BERGGER PrintFilm is suitable for the creation and preservation of archives over a long period of time.
BERGGER PrintFilm can also be used in creative photography. Its very low spectral sensitivity and very high resolution allow for outstanding results.
BERGGER PrintFilm has an anti-halation layer that clarifies during processing.
BERGGER PrintFilm is coated on a 175 micron PET base and has a red colored anti-static layer on the back of the film.
BERGGER PrintFilm is mainly sensitive to blue radiations, and is almost blind past 500 nm. Consequently it is perfectly usable with a traditional darkroom safelight.

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