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Bild 1 - Bundle out of 3 X ILFORD FP4+ 125 ASA 135/36 + ADOX FX-39 TYPE II 100ml Concentrate + ADOX BABY ADOFIX Plus 100 ml Concentrate

Bundle out of 3 X ILFORD FP4+ 125 ASA 135/36 + ADOX FX-39 TYPE II 100ml Concentrate + ADOX BABY ADOFIX Plus 100 ml Concentrate

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Filmtype: Black&White
Film Format: 35 mm
Speed: ISO 400/27°
Length: 36 Exposures
Capacity: 3 Films
Download: PDF-DatenblattPDF-Datenblatt

This bundle contains items which go well together because FX-39 pushes FP4 to 160 ASA and works sharp, with excellent detail contrast. FX-30 is easy to use and the developer is forgiving about underexposure.

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- 3 X ILFORD FP4+ 125 ASA 135/36
- ADOX FX-39 TYPE II 100ml Concentrate
- ADOX BABY ADOFIX Plus 100 ml Concentrate

Remark about the availability shown: Availability is based on the individual components of the kit and updated on a daily basis. However when we sell a kit we cannot reduce the stock of the individual items and double sales are possible. In this case we might not be able to ship same day even when showing stock. But because we have a very large stock this hardly ever happens.

The individual product descriptions follow.

ILFORD FP4+ 135/36 Kleinbildfilm
Normal sensitivity universal B/W film for good negative quality with a strong image. Together with HP5, this is the classic film from Ilford that just can't be killed off. An honest film without bells and whistles, and with a manageable contrast. Better shadow detail than the Delta 100.

ADOX FX-39 TYPE II 100ml Concentrate
FX-39 is a perfect substitute for Rodinal in case you can´t order Rodinal due to hazmat shipping restrictions.

FX-39 is a legend.
For more than 40 years Geoffrey Crawley has readjusted and optimized different developer recipes. And created this masterpiece in the heydays of film. FX-39 is based on Willi Beutler’s Neofin Rot formula, but was improved in all parameters. Since about 10 years ADOX is improving this formulary.
FX-39 is a compensating developer, providing excellent detail rendition, sharpness and resolution. The effective film speed is high. The compensating effect can be well controlled in a very wide range by variations in dilution. The compensating effect can be precisely adjusted to the subject contrast and film type. There remains only one reason for not using FX-39 exclusively and that is absolutely finest grain. If you want the finest grain possible than finest grain developers like Adox Atomal are the optimal solution. FX-39 harmonizes excellently especially with all low- and medium-speed films. In the ISO 400/27° class the best results are obtained with Kodak Tri-X, Kodak T-Max 400, Ilford Delta 400 and Fuji Neopan 400. If needed FX-39 can also be used for increasing film speed by 1 stop (push processing).
Adox has produced FX-39 for Paterson since 2004. Geoffrey Crawley was here to transfer the formula and to support the implemention of the production. We promised him to keep his „baby“ alive and kicking, even when Paterson may decide to stop the distribution. As Paterson made this decision later on, FX-39 is now not only produced, but also branded and distributed by Adox.
Technical data:
500ml developer concentrate.
Standard dilution: 1+9 “one-shot” application.
High dilution: 1+19 ”one-shot” application for increase of the compensating effect (by 75% extended developing time). By doing this film speed is a bit lower. So it is possible to trade compensating effect for film speed in a certain range.
Developing times are listed on Digitaltruth.

ADOX BABY ADOFIX Plus 100 ml Concentrate
Fix intended for all black and white photo materials.
High-capacity express fixer for black and white photo paper (RC or Fiber-based), film, and sheetfilm.

Intended for use in trays, tanks, and maschines.

With one liter of concentrate, you can make up to 10 liters of working solution. Dilution is either 1+4 or 1+9.

Capacity: 1.4 - 2 sq. meters of photo paper or 6-10 films per liter of working solution at 1+9 dilution.
Total capacity: 10 films or 45 sheets of 18x24cm photo paper.

Excellent price value.

General recomendations for liquid fixers: Liquid fixers stay fresh if kept unopened for about 2 years.
After opening the concentrate shall be used up within about 3 months.
I case of flockulation or sulfuric fumes the fixer cannot be used anymore.