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Bild 1 - ILFORD Delta 100 20,3x25,4 CM (8x10 INCH) / 25 Sheets

ILFORD Delta 100 20,3x25,4 CM (8x10 INCH) / 25 Sheets

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Size: 20,3x25,4 CM (8x10 INCH)
Sheets: 25
Filmtype: Black&White
Speed: ISO 100/21°
ILFORD DELTA 100: Sensitivity: ISO 100/21°. The Delta line is Ilford's flagship film line. Core-Shell™ crystal technology results in excellent sharpness, high resolution and very fine grain at higher sensivities. Good negative characteristics. Delta 100 has a bit better sharpness and higher resolution than PanF+. But PanF+ has a bit finer grain. The characteristic curve of Delta 100 can be well controlled by the choice of the developer. E.g. with Ilford DD-X you get a very linear characterictic curve. And with a compensating developer like ADOX ATOMAL you get a characteristic curve with the compensating effect resulting in lower densities in the highlights. From a technological point of view Delta 100 is one of the best films in Ilford's film portfolio.

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