Bild 1 - ILFORD Delta 3200 120 Medium Format Film

ILFORD Delta 3200 120 Medium Format Film

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Filmtype: Black&White
Film Format: Medium Format 120
Speed: ISO 3200/36°
Length: 12 Exposures
Download: FS Delta 100 400 ProfessionalFS Delta 100 400 Professional
Download: Delta 3200 Factsheet (Englisch)Delta 3200 Factsheet (Englisch)

ILFORD DELTA 400: Sensitivity: ISO 1000/31°. The official ISO-sensitivity of Delta 3200 is 1000/31° due to the datasheet. But the film is so designed, that you also get very good results at the push-sensitivities EI 1600/33° and EI 3200/36°. Especially in high-speed developers like ADOX ATOMAL and Ilford DD-X. The Delta line is Ilford's flagship film line. Core-Shell™ crystal technology gives - relatively speaking - a fine grain with maximum sensitivity. Of course at this film speed it is more grainy than lower speed films. But you can still get a clean 18x24cm print out of the film. Unlike the TMAX 3200, this film is also available in 120 Rollfilm, which makes this film especially interesting. The 4-layer coating technology makes the Ilford 3200 very flexible concerning the usable exposure index range: from EI 400/27° to 6400/39°.