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KONO! Reanimated Film Rotwild 400 CN 3- Pack 24 exp

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Film Format: 35 mm
Speed: ISO 400/27°
Length: 24 Exposures
Download: PDF-DatenblattPDF-Datenblatt

KONO! Reanimated films stands for special materials which were never or rarely produced for „normal“ photography.

Actually the films were never intended to be used in your 35mm camera, but for the film hungry motion picture cameras and for other procedures during the classic post production of analog motion picture material. The results can be similar to usual photography material, but they can also be radically different and totally weird. The aim is to experiment with KONO! and to experience new looks and pictorials impressions.
Each KONO! material has its origins in the world of cinema, science, archiving, post production, or...?
The quantity of these special materials is so low, that each type of KONO! film will be around a maximum of 2.000 pieces and can be as low as 600 or even 500 single films. Most of the source materials are no longer in production, so each KONO! film is rare and may very well be the last of its kind. All KONO! films are spooled by hand, due the nature and the small amounts of the materials. Please expect really small production runs. All material will be prepared, if necessary, to be processed in a normal lab, without any danger to the chemistry and machinery.

Both films are for C41 color negative processing,