Bild 1 - ROLLEI Rera Pan 100 127

ROLLEI Rera Pan 100 127

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Filmtype: Black&White
Film Format: Special Medium Format 127
Speed: ISO 100/21
Length: 12 Exposures
Film for 127 cameras. 12 exposures in 4x4 alterning number of images if you shoot other formats such as 4x6,5.

Developing times:

ISO 100, Rodinal, 1+25, 9 Min., 20C.
ISO 100, Microphen, Stock, 9 Min., 20C.
ISO 100, D-76, Stock, 9 Min., 20C.

Can be used for Primo Jr., Yashica 44, Kodak Brownie Bullet, Baby Rolleiflex, Komaflex, Baby Pearl, Parvola, Walz Automat, Minolta Miniflex, etc.