Bild 1 - ROLLEI RETRO 80S 120 Medium Format Film

ROLLEI RETRO 80S 120 Medium Format Film

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Filmtype: Black&White
Film Format: Medium Format 120
Length: 12 Exposures
Super-panchromatic high-resolution B/W film.

The Rollei Retro 80S emulsion is coated on a transparent synthetic film base which ensures excellent form and archival stability.


Mid-range sensitive super-panchromatic B/W film;

special coating to improve transport of the film through the camera;
non-curling film base;
can be used in daylight as well as artificial light without problem;
as a result of the low blue-sensitivity of the emulsion, exposures made with direct flash should use a somewhat lower ISO rating (based on use of a flash with a color temperature of ca. 6500 K);
Extended Red-sensitivity to 750nm

With Filter can also be used as an infrared film;

More exposure flexibility (between 32 and 100 ISO);

Responds well to pushing and pulling;
Good tone replication;
Very good maximum density;
Transparency means it scans well and can processed to slides.