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SILBERRA U200 35 mm

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Filmtype: Black&White
Film Format: 35 mm
Speed: ISO 200/24
Length: 36 Exposures
Silberra U series b&w photo film is the first new film from Russia. High contrast mixed grain emulsion, which combines both flat grain and classic grain, allows this film to save high resolving power of T-shaped silver grain preserving natural tonal softness of classic emulsion.

Silberra U200 film can be exposed at EI (ISO) 200, 100 and 400, preserving acceptable contrast ratio and dynamic range width

To achieve best results while working with Silberra U series films one has to take care to fulfill the next precautions:

- loading the film into the camera shall be conducted under subdued light only (otherwise the first frame may appear to be overexposed due to extra thin substrate which allows the light to penetrate light shield at the cartridge)

- loading the film into the development tank's reel double check that the reel is dry; using wet reel may cause film to be displaced within the reel and that may damage the film.