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Bild 1 - FOTOIMPEX Development + Contact Print + CD For 35mm Film

FOTOIMPEX Development + Contact Print + CD For 35mm Film

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Developing one b/w film with Kontakt and/or CD
(Sheet film, medium format (6x6), MINOX, 127ners, and any other black and white material which is not longer than 1 meter)

All developing is done manually by use of a 35 Liter dipping tank which holds a solution of ADOX ATM 49 Fine Grain Developer.

After processing and drying the films are placed in 6-slotted pouches for storage and delivery.

Films dropped of at the store will be taken to our production sight outside of Berlin. Return of the films usually after three days. If there is high turnover then this time can take longer, however you will be informed by the store clerk.

Prints from your negatives take up to one week.

Ordering a development online:

follow the procedure as described in the web shop. First and for most you need to make a payment first. Once you place your films into the mail and for them getting here, your payment usually is already booked.

The film, once arrived, will then be processed according to your wishes. Meaning with contact or with out, CD and so on.

Online development films have to be mailed to this Address for Processing. Should you mail the films to our Berlin store then please add extra days:

- Filmentwicklung-
Pieskower Strasse 30 A
15526 Bad Saarow

(yep – need I say more??) as well as the WEBSHOP ORDERNUMBER!

General Terms:

We accept Fotowork to the following conditions:

1. Your material is handled with the most possible care by us. Should an event occur that your material has been damaged within our confines then we will replace it or with film material available to us.
2. Manually produced prints are made by us according to the extent of the quality of the negative and to our best knowledge and experience. In the rare event of a return (damaged print, spots) we will produce a new one.
3. Processed Films and Negatives which are not picked up within 24 months pass over to our ownership and might get destroyed.