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Bild 1 - FOTOIMPEX Entwicklung + Scan to CD (Only 35mm)

FOTOIMPEX Entwicklung + Scan to CD (Only 35mm)

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Developing times are programmed individually according to film type.

After developing, films are cut and put into a professional negative sleeve.

We develop in ADOX Atomal 49 finest-grain developer in a 35 liter hanging tank, for finest grain, best usage of film sensitivity, and balanced contrast in the negatives.

We develop on Tuesdays and Fridays. All films received on, for example, Friday, Saturday, or Monday will be finished on Wednesday. Films taken in on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday will be finished on Saturday. We can develop Black and White Films including 35mm, sheet film, MINOX Film, 120 Rollfilm or 127 Rollfilm.

Scan resolution is 1890x2800, sufficient for very good 18x24 prints or even larger.