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Bild 1 - FOTOIMPEX Film Processing 3200 ASA 35mm Plus CD Plus Contact Sheet

FOTOIMPEX Film Processing 3200 ASA 35mm Plus CD Plus Contact Sheet

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Processing of a 3200 ASA 35 mm or medium format film.

The processing of ASA 3200 Films takes three times as long and therfore we charge more for the extra work. We use ADOX ATM 49 for best results (fine grain) in a 35 liter developing hanging-tank where the film is processed manually. This ensures fine grain, complete use of the sensitivity of the film as well as an even negative. Each film gehts his own time in the developer. After processing the finished negatives are stored in stripes of six pouches for delivery.

The Lab does all manual work normaly Tuesdays and Fridays. Films that a droped until 6 PM usually take three days to return. Unless we have a high tunr over in Film than these times may vary buy a couple of days extra, however, the store clerk will inform you if that is the case.

If you order Prints from you negatives than these take one week to be delivered back to the store.

All black&white films which not eceed 1 meter in length can be processed, therefore we can take in also sheet-film, medium format, MINOX, and 127 films.