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Bild 1 - FOTOIMPEX Handmade Print 24x30cm Fiber Adox MCC

FOTOIMPEX Handmade Print 24x30cm Fiber Adox MCC

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For that extra touch of extra shadow details and bit more tonal range in the highlights, we now offer high-quality fiber prints on Adox MCC 110 Premium paper.

You want the print to show every detail of your negative? Then we recommend this paper!

Paper surface: Natural Gloss

Adox MCC 110:

Variable contrast fiber paper of the highest quality. Carton weight. MCC is the most technologically sophisticated fiber paper in the world. The Agfa engineers succeeded in creating a highly complex emulsion based on 4 individual emulsion layers, which - over the complete tonal range from light to dark - provide exceptionally good tonal differentiation and contrast range.

The paper allows for short exposure times, is highly light sensitive, has absolute stability from batch to batch (pracitically no variations whatsoever) and offers the highest DMAX of all paper on the market. It produces wonderful warm tone images in a warm tone developer, and a crisp cold tone in cold tone developer.

This new paper is, in contrast to the original Agfa Version 110, coated on a pure white paper base.

All enlargements are made by hand with tray developing. If you have special requests regarding contrast, cropping, etc. please tell us. Or just rely on the judgement of our experienced printer.

Fiber paper is archivally washed and treated with a non-toning image stabilisor (Adox Adostab) to improve image life. The paper is then air-dried on a mesh screen (as Ansel Adams did) and finally "ironed" flat in a paper press.

Extra charge for brown toning: +50%

Selen toning to increase Dmax: +35%

Discount for multiple identical prints from the same negative in one order:
2 or more: 10%

5 or more: 20%

10 or more: 35%

Basic retouching is included in the price, assuming that your negative came to us clean and undamaged. (Notice! We can only retouch white spots on a print. It isn't possible to bleach tiny black spots away without damaging the surrounding image.

Please fill out the order form completely to avoind any misunderstandings.

Sometimes negatives are very thin/hard/contrasty, oder very dirty. In this case we have to spend an unproportional amount of time and material to make a good print. In this case we reserve the right to add a surcharge of up to 100%. If you have any questions, please speak with an employee before placing your order.

General terms and conditions for developing and printing:

1) We accept orders only under the following conditions:

2) We handle your film/negatives/photos with the greatest possible care. Should your submitted materials nevertheless be damaged, we will replace the damaged material with new, unexposed material of equal value. Further compensation is excluded unless required by law or in case of extreme negligence.

3) Our work is produced to the best of our knowlege and abilities. When no specific requests are made, we choose the brightness and contrast of the print according to what we find optimal. Reclamation of the prints is only possible in the case of obvious errors such as spots, damaged paper, or deviation from your requests. In this case we will make a new print for you. 4) Negatives and prints that are not picked up within 24 months become our property.