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ADOLIGHT 21cm Lamp With Lamp Socket And Metal Reflector

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With these lamps you can create the classic portrait lighting for photos like those on the old movie posters from classic films. But if colour photography or product photography is more your style, this will work as well.

Christopher Nisperos, Co-Author of the book "Hollywood Portraits", writes "I was amazed at how easily one can create the "classic Hollywood-Portrait" lighting mood with the ADOLIGHT." To this he added: "At this price I immediately picked up a set!" Christopher works with the Adolight 3X lamp and two Adolight 21 cm lamps.

The lamp socket can be used with bulbs up to 660 Watts. The brightest lamp that we offer is the Agrophot, which has 500 Watts. The Quartz-Halogen bulbs are optimal for the smaller reflectors, and offer 260 Watts.

Agrophot and Quartz-Halogen give off light at 3200 Kelvin. This makes them ideal for B/W photography. The spiral daylight lamps have - with only 26 W power usage - an output equivalent to 150 Watt, and they give off light at "photo daylight" temperature of 5000 Kelvin. These lamps are suitable for constant usage and come with a softbox pullover.

The tripod adapter on the lamps is very professional. It can be used on any lamp stand with 3/8" or 5/8" stud, and is adjustable with a quick-release clamp. The umbrella-holder is built in.