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Bild 1 - ADOLIGHT Quartz-Halogen Bulb 250 W

ADOLIGHT Quartz-Halogen Bulb 250 W

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For the ADOLIGHT reflectors, we offer a variety of light bulbs. Aside from the 4500L Daylight bulbs, the brightest bulbs that we offer are the 500 Watt Agrophot bulb. These heat the lamp o much, however, that they need to be turned off every 3-5 minutes to cool down.

A more modern alternative ist this ADOLIGHT Quarz-halogen bulb, which also offers a longer usage life of approximately 100 hours and 250 Watts of power. The Agrophot and these quarz-halogen lamps produce light with a color temperature of 3200 K. You can use them without filter for digital, black and white, or color negative film. For color slide film you need an 80a corrective filter.

This bulb can also be used in many studio strobes as the modeling lamp.