Bild 1 - ADOLIGHT Umbrella Softbox 90 cm
Bild 2 - ADOLIGHT Umbrella Softbox 90 cm
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ADOLIGHT Umbrella Softbox 90 cm

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Umbrella softbox with reflective inner lining. This umbrella softbox is simple to mount - just stick in in the umbrella holder on your light stand and extend it like a normal umbrella. The difference between this and a white umbrella is that with the umbrella softbox the back side is covered in reflective material so that no light is lost.

You can stick whatever lamp or studio strobe you want through the back of the softbox. The opening in the back can be enlarged with a zipper. Once the lamp is inside, close the back up again with the zipper and pull-cord to make it light-tight.

Diameter of the umbrella: ca. 90 cm. Not designed for lights which become very hot, but perfect for the ADOLIGHT 4500L. You can also use the umbrella softbox without a metal light reflector. This makes sense if you have the ADOLIGHT 26cm reflector, which doesn't fit through the opening of the softbox. The picture shows the softbox in combination with the 21cm ADOLIGHT reflector. The lamp and light stand are not included in the price.